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FileException Class Reference

#include <Exception.h>

Inheritance diagram for FileException:

SystemException ContextException Exception

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Detailed Description

Base class for exceptions for file I/O.

It is a direct child of SystemException, and has the very same semantics. Like in SystemException, the error code description provided is a description for errno values.

Definition at line 301 of file Exception.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual int code () const throw ()
 Get the system error code associated to the exception.
virtual std::string context () const throw ()
virtual std::string desc () const throw ()
 Get a string describing what happened that threw the exception.
 FileException (int code, const std::string &context) throw ()
virtual std::string system_desc () const throw ()
 Get the description of the error code.
virtual const char * type () const throw ()
 Get a string tag identifying the exception type.

Protected Attributes

int _code
std::string _context

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